Beautiful Pieces by Jenny Smith


A Million Beautiful Pieces

Star soaked deep cobalt sky,
you are the wanting and the entwined love
that holds my place here.
We will need to step through the garden gate,
but it is not today.
Instead, we sip the trees, ocean and soil.
Such love, the wind touches
our hair. What is this magic?
I can feel it move through my
body and spill out like mercury.
It almost breaks me into a million
beautiful pieces.
The clouds and earth all gravitate
to it, but become shy and hide their eyes
from your sunlight.
You just laugh and smile
at me through rippling puddles.
You are amused and make me dance deeper
into this life.
You have lost no sleep over me, because you
permeate me and saturate every piece.
I am the mirror that can only see you.


moon severed
from sight
behind coal dark
hills waiting
for the appearance
of dawn.


twilight dipping its spoon into night
grass sways to rhythms
of evening and songs of crickets
the moon kisses
all goodnight with her
rays shining through
windows and cracks in walls


Like torches in the sky I greet you every night
Replacing darkness with only light.
I look upon you with great admiration
Your brilliance fills me with inspiration.


waves rippling over rocks
sun gazing at the water
light stroking waves
shadows appearing in the
orangish sky
the sun fades
and the waves darken


Jenny Smith of San Francisco, graduated with a B.A degree in history, anthropology and sociology from Washington State University. Interests are: Italian motorcycles, traipsing the world, music and early Christianity.


Copyright © 2011 by Jenny Smith

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