Cavern of Anger… by Sharon Meixsell


Cavern Full of Anger

The empty house holds shameful sins
Human slabs of mind numbing madness
The souls that lived here rarely
Heard the voice of love
Instead, they learned that love lies
Leaving behind bull dozed hearts and
Mangled Spirits spewing a mouthful of garbage
Forcing them to live in the prison of their minds
Shadow wounds ever present
Despair sets in, feelings of
Aloneness fill the rooms
They cry out in the night
Desperate for companionship
But wake to a cavern full of anger
Everywhere they look, they see
Shapes of imaginary dangers
They stay inside hiding places completely
Drowning in their days
Living in a Pandora’s Box of Evil
It leaves them wanting to be elsewhere
But everyday is the same
And soon they just stop being

Copyright © 2011 Sharon Meixsell

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