Blurry Eyed by Randi Carlton


Blurry Eyed

It’s been years since I’ve slept
I’ve just been smoking in the depths
Of these chambers divided

The shape of a heart reunited

You said that you liked when my eyes got smokey and small
You said that you loved that I’m not that tall
But I feel like a brick fallen from a brick wall

When I think that you didn’t mean those things at all

So I will cry until I make myself ill
And I’ll go live with the trolls under the hill
I’ll leave you alone
I’ll turn to stone
You never loved me
But I always will…


Randi Carlton is blurry eyed and sullen. She paints, draws, writes stories and mythic lyrical poems, as well as fiddles with digital art in a one room apartment rooted somewhere in the vast expanse of cyberspace. In 2010, Randi was a finalist in a News Portal Site’s writing contest. Her winning short story,Dust Storm,” was featured on several blogs including The Record Live. Randi Carlton is not content to slip into obscurity.

Copyright © 2011 by Randi Carlton


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