Sincerity… by April Avalon



The times of the rhyming sensations are ceased,
It’s no surprise evil love has deceased –
My heart is a chamber with limited space,

Indifference got all my feelings erased.

Frail fibre is used to the memories’ blade,
My thirst for your love is about to fade,
Deceiving myself is revealing the truth,

The pain of desire is easy to soothe.

Two opposite planets, two opposite spheres,
Both ruled by denying just being sincere
Will never be one due to different laws.

I have to accept it the way that it goes.

Sincerity stands for the lack of control,
And love never even existed at all.
So what does my poetry speak of, indeed?

Old scars are deprived of the pleasure to bleed.


April Avalon has been writing for almost five years, getting inspiration from various experiences seen by the eyes of a thinker. The purpose of her creativity is urging people to see beyond the bounds, to be themselves, to speak their minds loud, not to be afraid to differ from the crowd. She creates to destroy. To destroy the naive beliefs. To destroy the stereotypes.

April keeps writing, getting her pieces published and performing and hopes to succeed further both as a poet and a songwriter. April’s work has appeared on Канал пользователя Kalzifer90, Troubadour 21, The Plebian Rag (The Voice Of Despair), Magic Cat Press, The Cynic Online Magazine, Word Salad, and others.

Copyright © 2012 by April Avalon


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