Thinking of You… by A.R. Minhas


Thinking of You

The gentle liquid pours on the paper I placed
It forms pentagrams and the face of…
Beloved! You finally escaped my thoughts

Now you are the viscous tree sap

That bled at the sight of possession
The hand retreats that drew you
Orgasms hidden beneath your sinuous body

Lo! The pearly liquid seeps through your bejeweled spirit

The niches of your eyes are pregnant with possibilities
Fixated on the face that was planted by visions
The heart immolated at the sight of your edifice
And the worshipper chose to only think of you


Abdulrehman Minhas is a fourth year student at Ryerson University interested in pursuing a professional writing career. He recently published a short story on the The Continuist. You can read more of his work at

Copyright © 2012 by A.R. Minhas


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