Ocean Floor… by Randi Carlton


Ocean Floor

And they told us…
that his footsteps went straight into the water
and no one followed after

except a ghost called lust

And we wanted to follow
we wanted to know his name
why was he ashamed?

What didn’t he want us to know

They saw his body floating belly-up
and we could tell by his eyes

that he had seen the ocean floor

And then we knew
he lusted after what he didn’t know
and what he didn’t know was that lust followed him

into the water

And it pushed him under
and it made his eyes bulge
and it made him go further
even though his insides did explode
his arms still propelled him
to see the beast beneath
the great amorphous behemoth
that encompassed the underneath
of every drop of water
every counted sin
his eyes saw the droplets

evaporate beneath its fins

As it moved the world with each breath

beneath its body lied the place of death

The fires eating the flesh

We wanted to go into the water
and see the breathing floor
see how it pushed and pulled

the waves across the shore

See how it coaxed and taunted
the dreams of all man
see how it deeply wanted
to crawl upon the land.


Copyright © 2012 by Randi Carlton


1 thought on “Ocean Floor… by Randi Carlton

  1. She misses you ta know. She writes letters, she has a stack of em. She’s different now, not as alive as she used to be. I wish she could forgive herself. I wish she could forget you. She pretends that she has but she can’t lie anymore. She never does nowadays. wish you could see that now.

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