Bud Robert Berkich… Deleted 2


Deleted, 2

Body too sexy for The Body. Second skin snake skin pants. Red platforms, six inches. Snake skin bra top deep cut, canyon cleavage clearly visible. Pierced navel, jewel string dangling down. Jet-black eye shadow. Jet-black lipstick. Jet-black fingernails, long. Go back. Pants. Low-riding. Thong strings peeking out, pink. Back-lengthed tattoo at base of back, hovering over buttocks, scrolling. Black. Buttocks deep-cleaved (bass clef– boom! boom!) with six inches elevated, even more so– straining.

Great look. Thanks. Who died? A nod to The Body. All of them, from the neck up. From the waist down. In mourning? No. In mocking. Found ridiculous? No. Pathetic. As in psycho.

Just look. And think I’m nuts. I offend. what do they do to me? Make me want to puke.


Bud Robert Berkich was born in Somerville, NJ and raised in Bound Brook, NJ. He has been writing creatively since the age of eight, and has been published in The Idiom, Subliminal Interiors, Quantum Poetry Magazine and The Analectic. A one-act play entitled End Street was published in The Rockhurst Review. Bud is the co-founder and director of The Bridgewater Poetry Group, Bridgewater, NJ. He currently resides in Manville, NJ.

Copyright © 2012 by Bud Robert Berkich






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