Counterpoint… by Juleigh Howard-Hobson



He wrote: Let it be over between us–
No snotty recriminations, no back
Channels full of hate and spite that attack
Each other’s weak spots in high self-righteous
Tones designed to do nothing more than hurt
Reputations. Let us both be done with–
And free from—that sticky glue fingered touch
Of nastiness. No one likes dealing much
With that, at least I don’t. Do you? What if
We just call it done then, without all that?
We just stop, say farewell, no obloquy,
No bile. But of course it won’t work if we
Don’t both let it go, don’t both arrive at
This mature agreement to just be through.
I answered in the juvenile: F U.


Juleigh Howard-Hobson has simultaneously written literary fiction, formalist poetry and genre work, along with non-fiction essays and articles, purposely blunting the modern ‘brandable’ concept of artistic obligation to any single form or movement. Her work has appeared in such venues as The Lyric, Mobius, Qarrtsiluni, The Raintown Review, The Best of the Barefoot Muse (Barefoot Pub), Caduceus (Yale University), and other places like Tilt-a-Whirl. She is the Assistant Poetry Editor of Able Muse. An interview with her may be found here:

Copyright © 2012 by Juleigh Howard-Hobson


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