Define: Phantasm… Andrew J. Stone


Define: Phantasm

1. a: illusion b: ghost c: a figment of the imagination.

2. A mental representation of a real object.

3. Or remember when you led me by the hand to that cobwebbed house down by the shore? You said to wait there till you returned. You walked into the fog but your silhouette lingered. A crow cawed in the distance, I saw you no more.


Andrew J. Stone lives and writes in Southern California with two cats and coffee. He sleeps with one eye open. This is a lie. Recent work has appeared in Yes Poetry, Negative Suck, The Toucan Mag (poem of the week), Danse Macabre, With Painted Words, First Stop Fiction, The Mustache Factor, and Short, Fast, and Deadly, among other places. In 2010, he received a national Gold Medal from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for his poetry. Recently, he finished a chapbook of ekphrastic poetry and is currently seeking publication. A novella is also in the works. He stabs words at:


Copyright © 2012 by Andrew J. Stone


4 thoughts on “Define: Phantasm… Andrew J. Stone

  1. Andrew has a surrealistic poem within a poem in a fantastic phantasm of mind altering sensation
    of silhouetted and vetted imagination of a different dimension of self-imposed language.

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