Stars End… by Alex Damov


At the other end of light there is a star

On the other side of street there is a bar
Do I dare then to cross and tempt its door?

To find not there the one I so adored

Cash’s scarce, ‘don’t walk’ signal’s on
What is there to do, when all’s been done?
When all content of the universe

Worth not chaos in a barfly’s purse

Cold October, in a week it’s Halloween
Nights are spilling over as I’m growing thin
All that’s left to do now is to survive

Keep an eye on kids and love the wife

Here’s to profound mystery of father’s god
Whether ever you have wished for it or not
You’ll walk by way of the recurrent bar
And twist your cuff to hide residual scar


Copyright © 2012 by Alex Damov





1 thought on “Stars End… by Alex Damov

  1. October full of the hobgoblins of imagination moves Alex in a bewildering mind sets out to move from allusion to illusion in a world with a bar of quick justice or vodka in an allegorical poem
    reproving his alternate universe from his father God to new mother gods.

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