The Path… by Bud Robert Berkich


The Path

A school dance. You see her. Across the way. On the edge. Of the woods.

She beckons. You follow.

She disappears. Literally.



One hundred years ago. Turn of the century. On the other side. Of the trees. Pentecostal factory. Chews them up. Churns them out. Spits them out. Shits them out.

Inferior product. SalvatDeion. Cheap.

Very high cost.



Backyard. By the woods. Unseen.

Bodies. So many.

She beckons. You follow.


Copyright © 2012 by Bud Robert Berkich


1 thought on “The Path… by Bud Robert Berkich

  1. A nightmarish dream element haunts this private territory and history of Bud Robert Berkich’s
    “The Path”. A stunningly motivational imagery of effectiveness permeates the scenic perceptive philosophical and photogenic allusions as illusions in a descriptive conjunction of synesthesia.

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