I Am Saying Goodbye… by Dawnell Harrison

I Am Saying Goodbye

I am saying goodbye

To the hurt that you

Dug into my ribs.

The pain was sharp

And it had settled.

The days bled

Into the unholy nights

As if there was

No beginning and

No end. The stars

Never seemed

To show their faces

As if they turned

Their backs on me –

A lost cause that had

Poured my soul

Out to someone


I only remember

The screaming,

The endless questions

That dripped from

Your righteous mouth,

The nights full of

A relentless terror.
I won’t let you

See me burn again.

Dawnell Harrison has a BA from the University of Washington and has been published in over sixty journals and magazines. She also has three books of poetry published Voyager, The Maverick Possee, and The Fire Behind My Eyes.


Copyright © 2012 by Dawnell Harrison




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