What it feels like… by Savanna Maue


What It Feels Like

Sometimes it feels like men are blind.
You really can’t tell

what I’m trying to find?

I simply want to ensure

that our futures are intertwined.

I know it’s not your fault,
It’s how you were designed
but sometimes I just wish

that you could read my mind.

I know your brain is filled
with trash, and grime and filth,
But please just this one time
could you keep it to


Maybe we can make this work,
If you’re willing to deal

with all my quirks

I feel like you’ll be there for me.
I want you in my life.
But I know what I deserve
if I’ll one day
be your wife.


Savanna Maue is a student at Southeast Missouri State University where she is pursuing a journalism degree. She is currently a staff writer for the school newspaper The Arrow, and in the past has been published in the Illinois History Preservation Society magazine for young people.

Copyright © 2012 by Savanna Maue


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