And I Have Need Of You My Love… by Kurt Studenroth


And I Have Need Of You My Love

Idolatry of my love
I break things in your name
I stand tall by the fires you give me
I sleep hard by the dreams you give thee
I live every day by your gravity
I burn by your divinity
I gnaw at you by every turn
I break by you at every breath
Idolatry of my love
You are more life than life
And more death than death
It is yours alone to bring me back or let me go
You may be cruel by your own laws to me
Or by all the stars, if you should look on me
Oh the cruelty of your love that it gnarls me
But that I should stand upright anyways
Idolatry of my love
I love thou so
Oh chain me to stone, and try to pluck out my heart
Hurl me to tides, cast me to hells, pit me against devils
I shall smite them all brazenly in your name
That what lasting fame I know has you smothered on it as though a banner
You are my beating heart
If my life be possessed of any beauty, then let that beauty be by your hand
Oh love me oh love
There is not enough love in the world
And I have need of you my love


DSCN3483Kurt Studenroth is a knight. The ones that people say go searching for adventures. Come see my videos on YouTube. They call me the Emperor Bonaparte. No blade is a true as mine.

Copyright © 2013 by Kurt Studenroth





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