Vampires on the Red Moon… by Louise Findlay




In the year 8693 the best astronaut that trained for years embarked upon the mission of her life.

What NASA didn’t know was that their best astronaut was a vampire.

A trip to Mars, the red moon was the thing most people dreamed of but Lucy Vampire would go there.


Chapter 1


It took Lucy a year in a spaceship to reach Mars. When she arrived on the planet it was very strange.

It was covered in red dust which was like sand. What was even stranger was that there were huge deep craters.

She went to have a look at them but they were so deep she couldn’t see a thing even with vampiric enhanced eyesight.

She paused and wrote everything in her journal.

Then she made a decision she would investigate the strange craters. Without further ado she jumped in.


Chapter 2


She fell all the way down to the moon’s core.

Lucy saw a mysterious flower and she felt drawn to it. The flower emitted a strange dark red coloured substance.

She added up all the details and had a theory maybe its blood. She documented this idea into her journal.

She decided to call it a blood flower and made a note maybe there are space vampires here.


Chapter 3


SUDDENLY!!!!! A fast shadowy figure came out and recognized Lucy Vampire as one of his Earth kin.

He said “I am Khon and I am a space vampire.” “There are other space vampires but they live on other planets” Khon said.

Khon told Lucy the process of the blood flowers emitting blood. The blood had enough nourishment so he could live there.


Chapter 4


Khon showed her his apprentice Buzz Aldrin.

“I know you; you went on the first exploration of the moon!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Yes and I never came back, the lost astronaut I bet they call me” Buzz said bitterly.

“How, How did you becom…..?” Lucy tried to say but Buzz beat her to it.

“Become a vampire?” Buzz said his face turning red.

“Yes” Lucy sighed knowing no other way out of this.

“He” pointing to Khon “tried to kill me and Neil but I gave myself up to save him.” “He, he…” Buzz said faltering.

“For that act of bravery he turned you into a vamp didn’t he” said Lucy guessing.

“At first I was overjoyed at this newfound power but now, this existence living in a dusty old planet, drinking out of plants will you take me with you?” Buzz replied grasping at this new idea.

“Of course. Is that okay Khon?” Lucy said, uncertain of Khon would let her. “Certainly, Buzz has been getting frustrated living here.”


Chapter 5


Lucy said her goodbyes to Khon and set off in the spaceship with Buzz.

When she got back to Earth she took Buzz under her wing and taught him how to thrive and survive as a vampire on Earth.

If you want to find Lucy Vampire, you will find her teaching vampires about their space kin.


The End


Louise Findlay writes fantasy short stories and inspirational poetry. She is most active on Twitter but you can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Goodreads.Currently she is focused on writing a longer vampire novel.

Copyright © 2013 by Louise Findlay





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