Dream Season… by Derrick Keeton


Dream Season

Back to groundwork in silent absentia
Dreaming how music sounds like tears
As they fall from goddess’ cheeks
Or like leaves blown from trees in autumn
Beautiful deluge in red, orange, and yellow
Gives back to the soil our lively toil
Mercy at thrust opens eyes once closed
Makes anew our trust in ourselves
Indisposed, I see those colors transpose
In awakening now to quell
A tender growl of hunger
These days I spend in a state
Of unfettered love cut asunder


Derrick Keeton, poet and writer, has been writing since childhood. He has had poetry published online and in print anthologies such as Black Petals, Carcinogenic Poetry, and Midwest Literary Magazine. He lives in Athens, Tennessee, is a loner and enjoys reading, exploring cinema and the occasional drink. Growing up as a military “brat” he was able to travel and see the world, giving way to much of his early inspiration. THE VOID, his first publication, is available through Wisdom Twins Books (UK). Upcoming work will be appearing in Drunken Absurdity issue 1 on sale at the link (s) below. Evoking dark and and ambivalent themes, Keeton explores the blurred lines between good and evil…

Copyright © 2013 by Derrick Keeton


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