Sorry You Had To Hear This, Dave…by John Grey


Sorry You Had To Hear This, Dave

Had enough of Castro and his fat Cuban cigar yet.
Seen so much Afghanistan you’re choking on the dust.
Feel like the TV news is giving birth to you… a war baby.
And what about politics.., local, state, federal,
around the world, spinning, spinning, spinning
the last of your senses out of you.
Been to see your analyst declaring no more
capitals of former Soviet satellites whose names
you can’t pronounce.
And foreign leaders with personalities like cold coffee
and accents with three hands and seventeen eyes.
Can’t wait to dump celebrity murders, magazine models,
movie star looks and sit-corn laugh tracks.
Would [you] rather [have] a serpent in your bed than the porno chicks
who breathe heavy through your internet.
Need a break from the casino, the ballpark,
even your friends and family who come on to you
like news stories, headlines bloodshot into their eyes.
Can’t die because there’s ten thousand religions
camped out in your next world, waiting to say “I told you so.”
Can’t live either because it requires the acquiesce
of doctors, the poke and prodding kind.
Sleep’s like lower Manhattan at rush hour.
And love is just a game of dice to see who wins your ass.
Put it this way, there are no choices.
So read on. Everybody else has.


Copyright © 2013 by John Grey


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