Encounter at Narcissus’ Pool… by Susan P. McNally


Encounter at Narcissus’ Pool

Have you ever met someone, and thought,
I’ve been waiting for you all my life?
“We fall in love with strangers,” says Marge Piercy.
Actually it’s a single, peculiarly significant stranger.
Eyes lock across a tightrope of longing,
Seeing you, seeing you seeing me, without eyes.
Falling into a pool, or a lagoon of sorts,
dark as night, reflecting moonlight as in a mirror.
Reaching into the pool the image shifts, shatters,
it cannot withstand touch,
reemerges, a phantom of light,
with the sharp intake of breath, of calm.
A meeting of strangers, known forever
at the crossroads of eternity.
There is a task, a mission…
Sometime after the encounter at the pool,
the ground shifted to a land long dreaded.
There’s a mission, an assignment
in the land of Has to Be.
You’ve always known,
all that was hidden
must be revealed.


Susan P. McNally is a psychotherapist in private practice in Yuba City, CA. She is a painter and sculptor, the author Of Sandplay: A Sourcebook for Play Therapists, and a poet. Along with Lily Noonan, she is a co-editor of Winged Poiesis News in conjunction with the Yuba-Sutter Regional Arts Council in Marysville, CA.

Copyright © 2012 by Susan P. McNally




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