Heaven’s Mockery; O Star… by Canaan Massie


Heaven’s Mockery; O Star…

How you mock me.
Away from earthly oppressions.
Safe, is thee,

Hung home in heaven.

I envy your distance,
From this place we call earth.
You feel no resistance,

No pain, and no hurt.

For your father, an immortal,
And your mother owns all.
You feel no torture,

Only wished upon when you fall.

O star,

How you mock me.

How dost thee shine so bright?
And if thou art blue,
You still emulate light.


Canaan Massie is an eighteen year old who desires to make writing a lifetime vocation. For Canaan, writing is a spiritual experience. The very act of drawing the pen down the page is an encounter with the unseen other.

Copyright © 2013 by Canaan Massie


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