#77: Americanski Corporat Inc… by K.C. Wilder


#77: Americanski Corporat Inc

—for megan, who sputters into a cell phone, “why do they hate us?”


sassy sissy richard sneasel
spit shine shoed financial weasel
in his dim bulb power tie

a squealing wide eyed frizzle fry

treading on their treadmills
suckered by ambition
automatons everyday

jockey for position

stultified suffocated
thanks to bonehead boss who stinks
getting pink slips for no reason

average workers on the brinks

jerking with unstoppable force
global warming at its source
generating nasty stink

americanski corporat inc

bulbous blithering sycophants
freshly ironed khaki pants
driving fast track ladder climbing fink
on his suicidal course

americanski corporat inc

sissy cel phone holding skank
cousin to the mountebank
manipulator social climber

blithering booblike nickel-and-dimer

honest people sucked into
the system cheating anyhow
honesty is not the point

to anybody now

polo shirts passels of them
jerks without attention spans
scarfing down turbercular

ptomaine poisoned food & drink

polar ices busting up
animals theyre all extinct
precious few insightful souls
hard to find someone who thinks
to stem the tide of toxifried
americanski corporat inc


In Joan Miro-like fashion, K.C. Wilder taps the collective unconscious and sculpts a stylized pop vernacular. The end result is painterly, layering pop with a brightly colored, surreal casing. This distinctive style Wilder calls “fauxbrow.” Wilder has taught writing at the State University of New York. He’s toured the U.S. and performed his poetry and music in over 30 cities nationwide, accompanied by his own guitar. www.kcwilder.com

Copyright © 2012 by K.C. Wilder





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