Renewed… by Linda M. Crate



stagnant waters
loves flowers dried past
the death of it seems inevitable
as autumn fading into
winter, the seasons have taken
everything they had come for —
yet i’ve come to learn
that nothing comes as expected,
is sometimes not in vain;
you fell over me
when waves of bitterness eroded
me into ocean rocks,
you took me to a new horizon
breathed life into the old star dust made
me dazzle in the sky again the
diamond i was always born to be —
i took moon silver threads
to sew up your fissures,
our kiss so passionate it startled the leaves off trees
words flow between us unspoken yet i’ve
heard every word you ever meant to me,
and i know you feel the same
sometimes silence speaks louder than words
like snow psalm upon trees.


Copyright © 2013 by Linda M. Crate





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