Who Knows Best… by Morgan Collado


Who Knows Best

They thought
They had trounced me
Forced me
To relinquish
My secrets
Bent me
To their blood soaked
They thought
That their dun colored
Could subdue me
Their corrosive pigments
Reduce me
Their all-too-human desires

Consume me

But I am forever
Of days filled with rainbow
I am forever
Acorns of chaos-ridden
I am forever
The chaff of stupidity

From the wheat of sagacity

Those children that resist
In the marrow of my bones
Gathering hidden
In moist dark corners


When seasons shift
Regimes die
And Mother always
Knows best


Morgan Collado is a queer Latina trans woman who lives in Austin, TX. She has a degree in Philosophy and hopes that her writing inspires radical action. She’s been published in QWOC Media Wire, xQsí Magazine, The Urban Resistance, and Northeastern University Journal of Undergraduate Writing. Her blog is www.atriptothemorg.wordpress.com.

Copyright © 2012 by Morgan Collado





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