Goodbye… by Tim Cole



As you tell me goodbye
You turn to look away

Is that what it’s all come down to?

You say you can’t give it one more try
There’s nothing left to say

There’s another man’s arm to cling to

And what of all these years
That we have spent together
We’re they all just spent in vain?
And all these voices in my head
They all seem to sound the same
Just searching for something

That doesn’t exist in the echo of your name.

It’s a bitter pill, to walk away alone
To see that your happiness with me

Exists no more

Isolations hands surround me inside
To know that there’s nothing left to find

And nothing left to fight for

And what do I make of all these tears
That have fallen at the thought of you
I can’t escape from this prisons pain
Everything in this life moves in closing circles
Darkness heralds the broken man
The winters touch; the frozen rain
Just a fool in his memory
Finding no one else to blame.


Tim Cole is a 40 year old writer who has been writing for about 25 years. He feels drawn to write about human conflict, especially emotional conflict. He lives in the southern United States and have a wife and three sons.

Copyright © 2013 by Tim Cole





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