Casualty of War… by John Kaniecki


Casualty of War

A student in college
An acolyte of knowledge
Drafted to fight war
Taught to kill and more

So young, so tender, so pure

He left wife at home
In an army of millions, all alone
Never to recover
Or even to discover

Something went wrong

They did destroy
Youthful joy
I am so sad
It was my dad
And the lessons that were taught
In preparations to battles to be fought
Came through loud and clear
As children cowered in fear

Of one we should have held dear

There are casualties for sure
Then you realize
Look now through my eyes
To see
The casualty


John Kaniecki writes words because they are true. He is married to his wife Sylvia from Grenada. They reside in Montclair, New Jersey and attend the Church of Christ. John has been published in over a dozen magazines and poetically strives to merge beauty with righteousness.

Copyright © 2013 by John Kaniecki





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