August Daybreak… by Jim Boggs


August Daybreak


Light comes slowly

on a foggy morning.

Trees and bushes

look villainous

cloaked in darkness.

Under a heavy weight

the limbs sag

with somber colors black

and gray.

Streetlight angels

with halos dim

fail to save us.

Even birds are quiet.

The chimes says

you should be here.

Where is the light?


Jim Boggs is a master of the monologue even when he thinks it is a dialogue. Years behind the microphone as a DJ created a lot of one way communication, and his poetry seeks to avoid that fault. Talking about yourself is boring, and in Harlan County Kentucky where he was raised, it would be considered bragging. Life rule: never talk about money or yourself, but it’s okay to talk about your grandchildren.

Copyright © 2014 by Jim Boggs





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