Sarah Gawricki… How to Forget Everything Day 63


How to Forget Everything Day 63

strange little thing.
met a boy who says
the oddest little things
things like
let’s go back to my place & watch something scary
well I’m already doing that so I follow him
watch him putter around a bit
remove my tank top
untwirl the hair from my bun
men love it when the bangs hit the foreskin
cutest little boy
who does the neatest little thing
we never kiss or hold hands
but he just
powerful man
sticks it in
rips it out
I just purr his name
sexy little trick
again & again
with some savagery
while the scary movie plays
exhausted little thing
pulls it out again
& places it so perfectly inside
hot little thing
we move together
we sit in silence
& it was the most miraculous little thing
I looked while he pulled it out
& what do you know
there was he & I on the tip of the
nice little thing
that moved me from my
bizarre little thing
& then
such a fine little exorcism

such a good little thing

out came you.


Sarah Gawricki is an artist from Boulder and the poetry editor of Fat City Review. She has been published in Rogue Zine, Fat City Review, The Bitchin Kitsch, ArtBomb NYC, Illicit Mag, Milkmade Magazine, The Winter Tangerine Review, and The Altar Collective.

Sarah Gawricki was an Issue 4 contributor and she will be the subject of Issue 5’s cover art.

Copyright © 2014 by Sarah Gawricki




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