John Kaniecki… I Was A Navajo


I was a Navajo

A million years ago
I herded sheep
And got little sleep

I knew the name of each member of the starry host

I was a Navajo
And walked Mother Earth below
I knew secrets deep
Treasures to keep

Now I walk the scarred surface an anguished ghost

I weep I wail
My courage does fail
When I see greed and lust for power and control
An endless drive with an ambiguous goal
Never to achieve never to receive
The simple blessing to those who believe

In Love

In one night of my life there was more joy

Then in all the angry years of those who destroy

I was a Navajo
And you will never know
The beauty of the night
And what is right


My name is John Kaniecki and I write poetry for the enjoyment of the art. I believe that a poet must first establish that they can write in rhyme and rhythm and only then move to the more advanced free verse. I have been published by Struggle Magazine, The Blue Collar Review, Burning Books, Jerry Jazz, IWW Newspaper, Protest Poems, Flute, Black Magnolia, Left Curve, She Mom, Whisper, Vox Poetica and others. Though political or moral in nature I write in various forms.

Copyright © 2014 by John Kaniecki





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