Christopher J. Jarmick… Poem Starter



If you insist
on pretending to be someone else,
then you’ll never know
who you really are.



Her poetry: technical mathematical formula perfection
without a trace of sentimentality in dull metaphors
obscurely connected to emotions
resonating as if written by extinct languages
known only as Yonkalla or Rumsen.
Applause, applause.



When the eye of the needle
I can’t make the words
go through.


POEM STARTER       90210

Like depressed delphiniums in vivid blue
who never succumb to their own toxicity
the young Hollywood starlets
at an industry cocktail party,
dream of a Beverly Hills Housewife
middle age.


Christopher J. Jarmick published poem at 12 Born East Coast Los Angeles writer/producer award-winning PBS Documentaries, Hard Copy, Entertainment Tonight. Re-located to Seattle; co-wrote novel The Glass Cocoon, Former PEN USA board member, Latest Poetry Book: 2010’s Ignition: Poem Starters. . . Hosts/Curates Poetry Readings. Articles/Reviews: Rattle, Raven Chronicles etc. and online.

Copyright © 2014 by Christopher J. Jarmick



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