Marian Dragomir… My Tongue


My Tongue

a while ago
while I was wandering
the streets on my way to school
my father told me that
the world is a dark and heavy place
but he told that with such elegance
that his tongue swirled around the letter “d”

so i learned all the words starting with “d”

as my life passed away
I was attacked by worries–

what if my life explodes

I will always remember my father
he told me
“never let the word
get the best of you”


Marian DRAGOMIR is from Romania; He is a poet with 2 books of poetry published, “Verses for the Big life” in 2010 and “A book with mask” in 2012. He has participated with poems in more than 20 newspapers from Romania and in more than 15 anthologies, and she has also published more than 20 book reviews in different newspapers from Romania.

Copyright © 2014 by Marian Dragomir









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