Pattie Flint… Talking to my Brother About Drugs


Talking to my Brother About Drugs

he says he does drugs sometimes, at concerts and with his
girlfriend. she says it feels like falling thirty stories except you’re
never scared. secret laugh, sidenote. ecstasy is like coffee to
me: I have two kinds of special k for breakfast. my secrets are
his secrets but mine are worst; it must be cold living in my
shadow, little brother. someday we’ll smoke and talk about it


Pattie Flint is an uprooted Seattle native toughing it out in New England and spends her days as an editor at Medusa’s Laugh Press specializing in hand-bound books. She has been published in InkSpeak, HESA Inprint, Hippocampus and TAB, amongst others. She is currently working on her MFA at Cedar Crest.

Copyright © 2014 by Pattie Flint







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