Christopher Defeyter… Leather



I have so many miles on my boots.
Each one a memory of a moment,
Gone, gone that I cannot get back.
My life i have lived up until now and
The life I’ll live tomorrow is unsure,
Though these soles will surely tread.
Further into the miles of the future.
The colors will fade, the leather become rough,

And the stitches fail.

All the trials in this adventure of mine,
Have brought me joy, sorrow, and wisdom.
I’ve survived when I should not have;
I have won greatness and lost everything,
That wasn’t important, and I’ve learned,
What the important things are:
Not currency or clothes, not power or pride,
Not food in my belly nor shelter;
Only my boots.
And love


Christopher DeFeyter is a man who paints a world into words.

Copyright © 2014 by Christopher DeFeyter







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