Tammy Gordon… Initiated Kiss


Initiated Kiss

There was a man
who was The Kiss
after a meal,
but not even dating.
Only one
earnestly fell in love;
a kiss to which
one utters, “WOW!”
blinding everyone’s
point of view.
They must kiss all the time.
Behind the ear.
Around the neck.
A little touch
here and there.
Initiation? By whom?
Is this for real?
This kind of kiss,
better than any before.
No one observes those lips.
It’s all a point of view.
Public display of affection –
extremely tight and thrilling.
Let them perform
so long, so hungry.
Private entertainers
competing against
mediocre sustenance.


Tammy Gordon is a mother, an animal rights activist, dramatic soprano, photographer, and a retired aerospace engineer. Some of her passions are ballet, swimming, horses, hiking, ham radio and emergency preparedness. She rescues dogs for Bichons and Buddies in LA, CA.

Copyright © 2014 by Tammy Gordon







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