John Kaniecki… A Final Prayer at my Lynching


A Final Prayer at my Lynching

My only crime the color of my skin
Look inside and see your sin
The gallows rope cuts my throat
Coarse fibers bite
I have strength scarce to fight
But please make note
God takes no pleasure in your wicked deeds
And evil never succeeds
One day your cities shall burn
One day the red man will return
And then you’ll learn
The wages of sin is death
The noose tightens cutting off all air
I am victorious I have not one more care
Pay heed to the words of my last breath
For though my life is through
My words ring true
And as I sway in the air
Allmighty God hears my prayer
God is a God of mercy yes it is true
But God is a God of justice too
Hear the words of my final prayer
And beware


John Kaniecki writes words because they are true. He is married to his wife Sylvia from Grenada. They reside in Montclair, New Jersey and attend the Church of Christ. John has been published in over a dozen magazines and poetically strives to merge beauty with righteousness.

Copyright © 2014 by John Kaniecki





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