Richard Pinner… Response Ability


Response Ability

I would do anything

To trade places with that image

That I had in my head that I can’t write down

What I was told

What I heard

Left me speechless

And at the time words were essential

They should have been words of joy



Rejuvenation. Congratulation

Friday the 13th

We were still shouting at each other when I opened the champagne


Richard Pinner is an associate professor at Sophia University, Tokyo. A born worrier, he fluctuates between optimism and despair on a regular basis. His work has been published in Aesthetica and The Vein and his first collection of short stories is due out under Par Avion Press later in 2014.

Copyright © 2015 by Richard Pinner









1 thought on “Richard Pinner… Response Ability

  1. A self understanding of mood swings and change in a psyche and soul reflected
    in this analysis of “Response Ability” in this poem.
    BZ Niditch

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