Scott Montgomery… In Fear of Technicolor


In Fear of Technicolor

Rise up alone. I am stealing these words. Rise up in tone.
I am standing, desert-like, moon-like, mars-like,
red stalagmites, pillars, a shortcut, a song,
where she does not want to become
a voice raising in pitch that warbles

with each footprint a shatter.

I spilled my favorite drink,
puffing a cigarette and speaking cupidely, smoking hot,
while Courtney, irresponsibly reporting

her one-of-a-kind pieces as another ornate frock.

She has dazzled every viewer.

Trimming after and trimming after
both vintage finds: lopped off
while the other Britney shows a baby on board,
Einstein-like dissertation,
what the 20th century releases now and again:
aimed at your face,
associations and parallels,
the mysticism of a cheetah at rest.


I live in the isolated heights of the Andes in a region known as The Potato Park. It is here that I spend my time in the community, learning the Quechua language, and holding workshops for children on themes related to self-expression and sustainability. I am at work on a book of creative nonfiction, which has been funded through Kickstarter. To follow the project as it takes place, please visit the project blog at I received my MFA in creative writing (poetry) from Arizona State University, where I served as poetry editor for Hayden’s Ferry Review.

Copyright © 2015 by Scott Montgomery







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