Joanna Conom… Everything is Lovely


Everything is Lovely

the gone dream
the essence ran
out the right eye
slow but constant
loosing sharp edges
quality of light
flat yellow california
blinding at 4:00 pm
the children that are not
gather to chop vegetables
for slumglion guaranteed
to spread and destroy
seasonal malaise beginning
with the erection of
the tin christmas tree
sparkling with aqua lights
was that a dream
and under it the icon
that was a gift
for the last lost baby
deep lapis of
the wondering eye
and value undetermined
until it was lost
everything disappears
of course she did not
last long just dream
ending in blood
looking out at infinite
sky the favorite fuschia
silk blouse sunset
neatly packed somewhere
should have been burned
what happens to the
lost loved soul
does it ascend
as wish hanging on lost
balloons or spread into
fine morning mist
noticeable only to eyes
brightened by a glimpse
into the abyss
the whole world can exist
in a drop of water clinging
to a green thing
hungering life what was
there is nothing to hang onto
but everything and
everything is lovely
with a check of
angle and filter
of the eye

everything is lovely

will always be


Joanna Conom was born into the gray mist of Seattle and continues to reside there. Poetry was a love of her young life that was lost in the fog of adulthood. Three years ago during an acupuncture treatment Dr. Wu inserted needles in the top of her head which freed her trapped poems. She has been writing ever since.

Copyright © 2015 by Joanna Conom







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