Staci Leigh… No One


No One

I just want a little
Not enough to hurt
I’m dying to be numb
Don’t need to be put in the dirt
Who cares what I do
It’s my body, my soul
I’ll sell it all if I want to
Promise it’s under control
You’re not gonns fix me
I’m not fixing myself
Spinning while being still
Boredom is my enemy
Won’t let me be satisfied
I’m fighting for air
Trying to stay up
Drowning is easy
Lucky I have no gun


Staci Leigh is a mother of two who indulges in a healthy dose of poetry and crafting in order to appease her inner artist. She’s been penning poetry for many years, and shares it with others when she feels inclined to do so.

Copyright © 2015 by Staci Leigh







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