Spirit Ariela Olivier… Broken



I act, I speak,
I live, I breathe

I do not let others “perform” me.

I can’t be contained
I won’t be named
I have BROKEN the wall of

fortune and fame.

Me against me, is me against you.
Hello? How many walls

must I break through?

I fight for my life by flowing

within the winds of respite.

God is here, God is hear..

but WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE my dear?

I close my eyes, I close my heart

born perfect in a world– then TORE apart

BROKEN OFF…piece by peace

Living in a world of make-believe

Where indeed? A road it seems
going every which way

to a heart, a fist, a trigger, a spick, a nigger

UP, I cannot hear these words, my ear…

I’ve been robbed, raped, and killed.

PERHAPS this is not my field

There are other roads indeed.
I LISTEN AND CHRISTEN my heart and my sleeve.
“Innocent as a dove, perfect in love”

“Wise as a snake.” The latter I’m afraid is what I mistake.


Lived and told LEARNED–
found or STOLE,
YOUR living pieces for the life you hold.


Spirit Ariela Olivier is a poet and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. She has been writing poetry since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She writes poems without a wall to bounce them off. Her work is an invitation for you to peruse the secrets of her soul. She currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. This is her first work to be published.

Copyright © 2015 by Spirit Ariela Olivier









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