Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni… Candy is Bad


Candy is Bad

…., a lollipop is something sweet and sour stuck in a mouth that cannot open out the jaws in an outcry of anguish, or clench teeth in disgust. Candy fills spaces between painful instances and slithers citrusy sugar down the throat. Such cramped quarters. A cobweb glows in the dark and sums up Halloween.


Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni is a writer, poet and artist from Singapore. In the summer 2014, she participated in the Advanced Non-Fiction Seminar conducted by the International Writing Program, Univ. of Iowa. She enjoys interviewing poets and writers from her website is

Copyright © 2015 by Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni









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