Kudzai Mahwite… Pressure It Is But Do Not Crack


Pressure It Is But Do Not Crack

Wit and interest sure be stale,
Angry and dry but sure not pale,
Sure could do with a glass of ale,

Yet this is my boat and I must sail.

Dawn did break before timbers creak,
Nightly bobbing, rest not robbing,
Gothic vision of what could be,

Yet bliss do line sweet reminisce.

When heat do atoms make awake,
Felt I the leak where timber crack,
Knew full well what I do lack,
Some peace and rest before timbers break.


Kudzai Mahwite is a young Zimbabwean poet inspired greatly by the works and life of William Shakespeare. He is an Economics student and as part of his studies runs a small-time blog on the African Economy. Kudzai is also a Sportswriter with Football.co.uk.You can follow him on Twitter @sir_tos.

Copyright © 2015 by Kudzai Mahwite







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