Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni… I Almost Drowned: One Girl’s Body Remembers


I Almost Drowned: One Girl’s Body Remembers

A vase of lilies toppled,
tossing me back
into a twenty year old memory.
I choke
on the flowers
my skin mottled, the water darker,
only the lights on the pier
to salvage the self from sinking
into the murky underbellies of night.
Fish, tadpoles, larvae
memories dance with flecks of dust.
…Someone stole life from in here &
moved it
…with a pitcher of lemonade
poured it into a glass
and shook me awake.
It made my hair dance around
like dry hay.


Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni is a writer, poet and artist from Singapore. In the summer 2014, she participated in the Advanced Non-Fiction Seminar conducted by the International Writing Program, Univ. of Iowa. She enjoys interviewing poets and writers from her website is

Copyright © 2015 by Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni








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