Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak… Sunrise at the Seaside


Sunrise at the Seaside

wrapped by the night
swathed in a shawl of memories
filled with love
I froze on an empty beach

with feet mired in the soft sand

staring into the abyss of the sea I can see how
a soft golden-orange sphere
emerges slowly, and majestically rises
spreads its arms above the horizon

cold night slowly dissolved in deep blue depths

golden rays bring warmth and hope
surfing on the backs of the waves
tenderly stroking the coastal rocks
tearing through pine branches
pouring on the dunes
tickling crumbs of amber and shells

scattering on the beach

enriched by the another dawn
ready for sparring with a new day
I prepare my heart for another lonely night


Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak was born in 1958 and comes from Opole (Poland). In search of work she migrated to the UK. She lives in Merstham near London. Verses author, translated by herself into English, published in the U.S. Canada, Australia and the UK. Were read in an Australian Radio. She was a poet issue” in March 2013 “in the quarterly” New Mirage Journal “(USA). Her work has been presented in Writing The Polish Diaspora (USA). In July 2013 a book of selected poems in English, was released under the auspices of the International English Association (IPPA), based in London (UK). This new book is a collection of love poems. It is touching, and lyrical. This collection is special because it establishes that Helena Bozena Mazur-Nowak is skilled in writing and translating her poetry into English. Her work is simple and accessible, but lyrical and well crafted. The poet has many close contacts with poets all over the world, and has been invited to participate in exciting international poetic endeavors. She is glad that her poetry is appreciated and also understandable to readers without “Polish roots.” In May, in Canada 2014 was published her latest book ”Blue Longing”.

Copyright © 2015 by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak







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