Kudzai Mahwite… Calamity Do Fly Away


Calamity Do Fly Away

All do lament with backs bent,
Some justify as fate sent,
All do dissipate as had been rent,

Like true gormandize in lent.

All are complacent in Genesis,
Feign to truly envisage the nemesis,
Wit be fled from true analysis,

Trouble hath entered their premises.

Later full-blown fever does afflict,
Strange now why not predict,v

Soul and body left derelict,

Trouble hath entered their premises.

Come forth Angel with good tidings,
Real relief come to break all their bindings,
With aid comes capital for future prospects,
Trouble hath gone and come profits.


Kudzai Mahwite is a young Zimbabwean poet inspired greatly by the works and life of William Shakespeare. He is an Economics student and as part of his studies runs a small-time blog on the African Economy. Kudzai is also a Sportswriter with Football.co.uk.You can follow him on Twitter @sir_tos.

Copyright © 2015 by Kudzai Mahwite







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