Steven Jacobson… Whirling and Whimsical


Whirling and Whimsical

the clouds like needles
in the haystack wrap
around the mind
and teleport the being
into a whirling and whimsical
portion baring none
of the so called wordage
and literary response but only
to a beauty embracing
mother nature and embarking
on a new path.


Steven Jacobson was born and raised in the Midwest. He has attended multiple classes from the Loft Literary Center, promoting all levels of creative writing. His goal is to write a second book, the first book called “Spiritual Gait” was published in 2014.

Steven Jacobson is a poet. His poetry has appeared in access press, calvary cross, linnet’swings, burningword, the glasscoin, nazar-look (romanian publication), praisewriters, enoiar review, penwoodreview, littleredtree, message in a bottle and most recently red fez and pending indiana voice journal, leaves of ink and stray-light.

Copyright © 2016 by Steven Jacobson







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