Dane Cobain… Everything’s Cancer


Everything’s Cancer

The smell of cigarette smoke
on hazy summer days
when you pray for rain
and feel the same sense of shame
when your friends,
who cannot be named,
share racist statements

on Facebook pages.

beautiful girls turn ugly
by dyeing their hair and skin
and wearing too much make-up,
and who can blame ‘em?
There’s a lot of pressure
to look your best,
and a set of conventions
to attend to,
but intelligence turns me on
and ambition in a woman,
coupled with talent,

has gotta be the best combination.

it’s simple –
you look the way you look,
so you’d better get comfortable

with discomfort.

If it makes you cry,
you’ve gotta ask yourself,
is this happiness
or sadness?


Copyright © 2016 by Dane Cobain







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