Bradford Middleton… When the Job’s Done


When the Job’s Done

The girls move in quick as a new, flash car slows down
It’s midnight, Friday in the kinkiest lane
In the dingiest city in the unfair land
The girls are like vultures
Desperate for their next feast
The one to pay the rent and feed her habit
She grabs the car handle as he lowers the window
He smiles broadly as his eyes devour her figure

And she climbs in

Things get serious fast
Money is discussed and a place to crash
It’s going to be a long job
He sounds like a kinky bastard
But after a few hours she leaves, paid, happy
Knowing for a few days her habit will be feed
And the rent will be paid up
The threat of eviction banished for another month.


Bradford Middleton lives on England’s south-coast in Brighton. He was born in London in 1971 but didn’t start writing poetry until he was in his mid-30s and slowly, over time, began to uncover a flourishing underground scene. Three months before his fortieth birthday he had his first poem accepted at THE MAD SWIRL. Since then he has become a Contributing Poet there and also had notable work published at EMPTY MIRROR, ZYGOTE IN MY COFFEE, PPIGPENN, ROLLING THUNDER QUARTERLY, FUCK ART LETS DANCE, WORD RIOT, ELECTRIC WINDMILL, DEAD SNAKES, THE CAMEL SALOON and THE WEEKENDERS. Follow him @beatnikbraduk on Twitter.

Copyright © 2016 by Bradford Middleton







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