Stephen Philip Druce… The Kissagram Cake


The Kissagram Cake

The kissagram was meant
to leap out of the giant
birthday cake, but
she was found
inside it.
I didn’t eat
any cake, but
the other guests
did, until there was
nothing left
but a corpse
lying in the
living room.
The guests were later
struck down with
birthday cake curse –
nightmares of a giant
cake, with hideous pink
writing on the top of it,
spelling the words –
Happy 60th Birthday
( sarcastically )
with candles sticking
into it, and suffocated
between the icing
and the fruit
was the marzipan trapped
inside screaming, and
the crumbs were just
left to rot.


Stephen Philip Druce is a poet/humour essayist published in the UK, USA, Canada and India. In August 2015 he signed an e-book deal with Tri Screen Connection in The USA – with his British style humour book of Absurd and nonsensical essays – QUIRKY SHORTS. link here –

To hear Stephen read his poems/humour poems link here

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1 thought on “Stephen Philip Druce… The Kissagram Cake

  1. Stephen Phillip Druce has pliable, reliable images as delightful metaphysical conceits. tropes and lovely humorous metaphors in his let them eat cake
    of a kissing fork. Congrats!

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