S. Thomas Summers… A Lost Child


A Lost Child

The wolves
The pines
from the air,
horde it beneath
their limbs.
in an apron,
her mother
in the black
by the deep well
holding a candle,
the dancing flame
a final hope.


S. Thomas Summers is an Author, Teacher/Professor of Literature, Writing, and Philosophy at Wayne Hills High School and Passaic County Community College

Copyright © 2016 by S. Thomas Summers









1 thought on “S. Thomas Summers… A Lost Child

  1. S. Thomas Summers represents the value of autonomy in a child seeking survival in a world of wolves defining for us a fine observer’s psychological understanding
    perceived in an understanding of pathos of a recognition and realization in the
    language of candor of violence reflecting our times yet there is a candle of hope from darkness.
    BZ Niditch

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