Jason Constantine Ford… Underneath The Stars


Underneath the Stars

Despite a lack of man made lighting
Underneath the stars within the sky,
Your presence is a charm inviting
Us to seal moments that cannot dry.
As we are standing on a boat made of steel
Gently sailing through waters still,
You take my hand as I begin to feel
The depths of love remaining tranquil.
With one hand of yours already held in mine,
The darkness of the night no longer seems
To be so dark as stars intertwine
In a display of sparkling gleams.
From your hand outstretched, I see a flash of light
Emitted by a silver phone you hold.
The picture you took fills me with delight
In a presence that shall never fade as old.


Jason Constantine Ford is from East Perth in W.A, Australia. He works at a book shop and has over fifty publications of poetry in various poetry magazine, ezines and journals from around the world. He has a traditional approach to poetry as he is dedicated to the cause of rhyming Poems.

Copyright © 2016 by Jason Constantine Ford









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