Pijush Kanti Deb… Bearing A Grudge


Bearing A Grudge

Bearing a grudge-
a poor intention of a heart,
maybe, rich in good wishes
but ought not to be run down,
in putting two and two together
one can see eye to eye
with the mortals and the immortals,
“Bearing a grudge is sin-less.”
The morning –air-
free of dust and dirt
but not of grudges.
Temple, church and mosque-
the devotional catapults,
start throwing grudges
of all professionals and their counterparts,
wrapped with contradictory prayers,
filling the air and the sky with
the sound of the silent grudges,
“More please—No more please.”
Ought not to be surprised at all,
even the prayer-loving God
forgets to make a figure
and stands in the crowd for a prayer-
full of grudges expressing His longings,
“More sorrows— More prayers.”


Pijush Kanti Deb Occupation—Associate Professor in Economics. Achievement: More than 120 poems and haiku are accepted or published by Indian and international publishers since June 2013. They are, Tajmahal review, Camel Saloon Blog Spot, E-pao.Net, Dead Snake Blog Spot, Down in the Dirt, Poetic Monthly Magazine, Poems and Poetry Blog Spot, Poetry 24 Blog Spot, Long Story Short , Gean Tree Haiku Journal, My Word Wizard, and A Handful of Stones , Kalkion, ,Verse Engine ,The Apple Tree ,High Coupe , Madswril,Whisper, Mel Brake Press, The Voice Project ,Vox poetica, Kritya, Criterion,Calvary Cross . Muse India ,Busting and Droning Magazine, Pennine Ink , The Artistic Muse, Guwahatian and Shayari.mobi.

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Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni… I Almost Drowned: One Girl’s Body Remembers


I Almost Drowned: One Girl’s Body Remembers

A vase of lilies toppled,
tossing me back
into a twenty year old memory.
I choke
on the flowers
my skin mottled, the water darker,
only the lights on the pier
to salvage the self from sinking
into the murky underbellies of night.
Fish, tadpoles, larvae
memories dance with flecks of dust.
…Someone stole life from in here &
moved it
…with a pitcher of lemonade
poured it into a glass
and shook me awake.
It made my hair dance around
like dry hay.


Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni is a writer, poet and artist from Singapore. In the summer 2014, she participated in the Advanced Non-Fiction Seminar conducted by the International Writing Program, Univ. of Iowa. She enjoys interviewing poets and writers from her website is wordsatnine.com

Copyright © 2015 by Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni